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8g Clear Instant Strong Adhesive Super Glue For Glass Rear View Mirror Metal


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8g Clear Instant Strong Adhesive Super Glue For Glass Rear View Mirror Metal

An adhesive for glass and rear – view mirror is the latest achievement of chemical engineering designed for rapid bonding almost all materials.                     


Possesses the highest parameters of technical adhesive in durable. invisible bonding glass. crystal precious stones to different materials both hard and elastic such as: metals. plastic. rubber. wood.                                


It is a universal adhesive indispensable in jeweller’s craft and optics.  


How To Use                                                         


The package with the brush is sensational solution making fully use of large abilities of the adhesive.                                      


Especially useful at bonding rear – view mirrors to car wind screens where joints work in particularly difficult conditions such as: vibrations. changing temperature (- 55C to +80C). moisture. UV radiation. hoar frost.                                          


The added rubber patch serves as a link between the surface of window pane and metal part of the mirror holder.                                  


The patch eliminates irregularities and amortizes vibrations.


In case of this kind of joints a layer of the adhesive uniformly applied with the brush ensures equal distribution of adhesion forces during occurring breaking stresses which safeguards suitable durable repairs.        


The adhesive bonds strongly and durably only smooth surfaces fitted to each other and identically as in case of all adhesives they have to be degreased and cleaned.                                                        


Apply the adhesive only to one of the surfaces to be bonded.


How To Install a Rear View Mirror:                                      


Mark exactly on the window pane a spot for assembly of the mirror (during the assembly it would be inadvisable its correction).


Disassembly the mirror from the holder  

Apply the adhesive to the metal surface of the holder designed for bonding.      

A layer of the adhesive should be uniform and as well thin as possible.


Put the degreased rubber patch on a smooth horizontal surface e.g. a table and press down to it he holder of the mirror keep the pressed elements with an equal force for 10 seconds.


Cut off an excess of the rubber to the support size of the holder


Apply the second thin equal layer of the adhesive with the brush to the rubber patch bonded to the holder                                        


Press the holder to the car window pane with unfaltering movement without displacement and equal force holding it for 20-30 seconds.                                        


Increased moisture of air accelerates the process of curing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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