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Brake Caliper Paint Orange High Gloss Heat 150°C Resistant Paint Spray 400ml


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Deco Color Orange Caliper Paint 400ml

High Temperature Caliper Paint Formulated With High Quality Resins.                                                        

  • Best result when applied at 15-25°C.

  • Filling properties

  • Petrol resistance
  • Resistant to abrasion and weather conditions
  • Heat resistance up 150°C
  • Protects against corrosion

  • High gloss
  • Short drying time: 10-15 min

  • Touch dry: 30-40 min;
  • Hardened: 24 h
    Efficiency 1.5-2 m² depending on colour and type of surface by one application
  • 5 most common colours in RAL system
    For indoor and outdoor use
  • Capacity 400 ml

How to use: 

  • Use for a caliper painting with or without disassemble.                                  
  • To remove rust. clean the surface with a sanding paper of 240-260 grade prior to painting.                                                   
  • Use K2 Brake Cleaner for surface degrease.                                             
  • In case of painting without disassemble completely mask all the surrounding parts.
  •  Shake the can for 1 minute before use.                                                           
  • Apply 2-3 Coats with 10 min. intervals.      


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