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Car Shampoo Hydrophobic Highly Concentrated Properties Self Drying 1L K2 Vena Pr


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K2 VENA is an extremely effective, efficient, advanced car shampoo. Created for the most demanding car cosmetics enthusiasts. During one wash, it preserves and gives the car body hydrophobic properties, while being fully safe for wax and ceramic coatings protecting the paint.
The abundant foam guarantees great washing comfort, the unusual aroma of the air turns work into pleasure, and the hydrophobic coating created on the surface of the varnish facilitates water drainage leaving a shiny and clean surface.

Highly concentrated car shampoo with very high hydrophobic properties.

THICK AND HIGHER FOAM – creates a durable and fluffy foam, ensures proper glove or sponge slip during washing
FRAGRANCE  – guarantees pleasure while working
HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES – self-drying properties, after rinsing the washed surface with water, up to 80% of water lying on the body will flow automatically. The shampoo strengthens the surface tension, thanks to which the water is repelled from the varnish surface.
NEUTRAL PH makes it safe for previously applied coatings or waxes.
GLOSSY AND WAXES – high content of polymers saturates the color and gives shine
dilute 20-50ml to 10 liters of water (the higher the concentration, the greater the hydrophobicity)
prepare a second bucket of water only, which will be used to rinse the glove, sponge or brush
wash with a glove / sponge / brush in a shaded place
wash element by element starting from the top
rinse the car with plenty of water after washing. 
The vast majority of water will flow automatically, there will be individual drops of water that should be dried (reached) with the help of microfibers

  • Capacity – 1L


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