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Clay Bar Car Detailing 160g Medium Grade Paintwork Claybar Pure Definition

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MY AUTO – Medium 160g  clay bar is designed for thorough cleaning of varnish, glass and other elemen of the car body. 

It effectively cleanses varnish from tar, but also removes insect traces road coating and many other difficult dirt. 

This product is completely safe to use, it does not scratch and does not have varnish. Due to its plasticity, it can also be used to clean rims. Thanks to clay, getting to the nooks will be easy, and the cleaning process will go smoothly and quickly.


Before you start clay, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the car and prepare a bucket with water or a special lubricant for clay. 

This will give you the right glide. 

Then tear off a piece of clay and form a flat disk from it. 

Forming is identical to kneading plasticine or modeling clay. 

Spray the body element that you want to clean with water or a glazing lubricant. 

It is extremely important that the clay rubs the wet element. When cleaning, you need to check the clay’s dirtiness from time to time. 

When this one begins to look unsightly, you need to rinse it in water, reform the desired shape again and complete the cleaning process.

 It is recommended to store the clay in a dry place.


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