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Combustion Leak Tester KIT Head Gasket tester PETROL 15ml Fluid CO2 Detector


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Kit Contents:

PVC plastic tube
reaction fluid 15ml
universal adapter: 25mm – 55mm

The tester is used to detect damage to the cylinder head gasket and cylinder head in liquid-cooled combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, LPG).

Principle of operation:
In the case of a damaged head gasket or the head itself, part of the exhaust gases, including CO2, goes to the cooling system. The principle of operation of the device is based on the measurement of CO2 concentration – in the case of an increased concentration, the reaction fluid reacts with CO2 and changes its color.

Directions for use:

Fill the instrument with reaction fluid (approx. 2 ml) to the level between the chambers.
Connect the tester to the opening of the expansion tank or cooler.
Start the engine (preferably when it is warm), increase the speed to obtain a higher combustion pressure.
Allow the engine to run slightly at elevated speed and observe the behavior of the reaction fluid.
A change in the color of the reaction fluid to yellow or green within a few minutes of the test indicates a damaged head gasket or damage to the head itself.
After completing the tests, carefully disassemble the instrument.

Attention. When testing on the radiator filler, use extra caution when unscrewing the cap and during the test itself – risk of burns.

When testing, do not allow the coolant to mix with the reaction fluid. If the liquids are mixed, the test result may not be correct.


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