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CORTANIN F Korten R Anti Rust STOP CORROSION Treatment Converter Protects Car Metal 5L


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Excellent Rust Treatment specially designed by a team of scientist

not only neutralizes the rust but also protect rusted metal surfaces 

against further corrosion 


Perfect for automotive application along with any household repairs, rusted gates, fences etc.


Cortanin F is a product based on water , tannin , corrosion inhibitors and active elements and is mostly natural origin

Made within EU and has been used by professionals for many years


Converts oxidized steel into a smooth sealed surface by chemical reaction

Prepares affected areas for application of additional coatings

Effectively protects metal parts against rust forming a protective tannin layer.

Tannin is a natural bio-molecule and used for production of anti-corrosive solutions for treatment of rusted steel 

surfaces prior to painting 


It requires only a mechanical cleaning of the surface before application

 and should be applied ONLY on rusted surfaces


 It can be applied by spray gun, brush, roller, etc.

Keep and use in non metal containers


How to use


1. Remove any loose flaking rust ,rust colored pieces
2. Degrease the surface 
3. Apply evenly single thin layer of product onto rusted surfaces only
4. If product get onto any not rusted surface wipe it dry or clean with damp cloth
5. In case of heavy rust infestation after drying approx. half an hour apply second layer
6. Cortanin F will react with rust and change colour to dark, purple looking glossy coat
7. After fully curing approximately 24h it can be coated with any paint.


Colour: Brown

Capacity: 5L


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