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ENAMEL REPAIR KIT Bath Sink Shower Tray CHIP WHITE Ceramic Acrylic 24g


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ENAMEL REPAIR KIT Bath Sink Shower Tray CHIP WHITE Ceramic Acrylic 24g

Designed for quick repairs of high glossy white enamel and ceramic surfaces.

It is also used to repair acrylate and lacquered surfaces damaged as a result of impacts. scratches. defects and de-colourisation. 

It is used for quick and effective repair of 

  • white high gloss enamel 
  • ceramic
  • acrylic or white painted damaged scratches
  • bruises and blemishes and discoloration.       

This epoxy fix is a perfect solution. and it will allows to avoid an expensive repair or replacement of damaged items. 

Can be used in 

  • bathtubs
  • sinks
  • shower trays
  •  urinals
  • flushes
  • washing machines
  • fridges
  • gas cookers / ovens
  • lacquered furniture 
  • tiles.   

  Directions                                                                                                                                      : 

Ensure the surface is clean and  de-greased. 

Squeeze around 5g of Enamel Fix into a supplied mixing tray 

Cut off the tip of the applicator (component / hardener) and add 30 drops of the hardener to the enamel.

Mix thoroughly with supplied spoon (for at least 2 mins). 

Cut out a suitable hole in a protective plastic self-adhesive patch to mach the size of a damage. remove a protective paper from the label and attached it over the damaged surface.

Apply the mix over the damage and spread it evenly (using supplied spoon).

Remove any excess.

Remember to remove the protective self-adhesive patch immediately after partial curing the enamel (no later than about 30 min. after the application of the enamel). 

The colourless PE foil is used to obtain a smooth and glossy surface. 

The PE foil is applied to the surface coated with the enamel (immediately after removal of the protective patch) and after delicate smoothing with fingers it is left until the enamel cures completely. 

For best results. apply two thin enamel layers at 2hrs intervals.

In order to obtain a smooth and glossy surface you should remember to gently apply the smoothing and transparent PE foil to the last uncured layer of the enamel. removing it after 24 hours.

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