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K2 APC All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Carpet Vinyl Leather FREE CLOTH 1L


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K2 APC All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Carpet Vinyl Leather FREE CLOTH 1L

K2 APC GOLD is an effective CONCENTRATE of multi-purpose cleaning agent created primarily for professionals but also for demanding end users.

The special K2 APC formula makes it. after contact with the dirt layer. dissolves and separates it from the surface being cleaned. It’s great not only with fresh but also dried dirt.

The effectiveness and power of the preparation are regulated by the appropriate solution. depending on the needs. 

So in short K2 APC is:

  • multipurpose CONCENTRATE (intended for all surfaces)
  • High efficiency (from 1 liter you get up to 81 liters of cleaning solution)
  • fragrant (leaves a pleasant. fatigue-free after use)
  • safe (has a neutral PH)

K2 APC perfectly copes with the heaviest dirt of origin:

  • organic (eg fats. smoke from cigarette smoke. others …)
  • synthetic and in addition:
  • it does not leave a white deposit
  • and the cleaned surface is free of grease.

K2 APC is ideal for cleaning:

  • from synthetic materials
  • vinyl
  • rubber
  • tire
  • engine compartment
  • rugs
  • soffit
  • upholstery material
  • leather upholstery
  • painted elements


due to its multitasking. APC finds its application in a very wide range of industries such as:

  • Professional object cleaning
  • Auto-cosmetic
  • Car washes
  • Car workshops
  • auto detailing
  • House
  • and many many other industries and applications …..

K2 APC 1L Perfect for working with the professional K2 PERFEKTOR BLACK cleaning gun



  • Cleaning is carried out in the shade on a cool surface.
  • Do not allow the surface to be cleaned with the preparation
  • 1. Prepare the right solution for you from a concentration range of 1:10 to
  • 1:80. For strong dirt. dilute with water in a ratio of 1:10 for light in the ratio 1:80.
  •  Before cleaning. test the prepared solution in an unobserved place.

 Apply the solution to the surface to be cleaned using:

  • microfiber
  • brush
  • brush
  • Reach the cleaned surface with a microfiber dry.
  • Enjoy the effect of your work 🙂


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