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K2 Brill Cleaning Drill Brush Cleaner Tool Kit Electric Drill Power Scrubber

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The K2 Brill drill brush is a professional, high-quality brush for cleaning upholstery. 

It can be mounted on a drill or screwdriver, without the use of an additional adapter. 

It allows for quick and easy cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces with minimal effort on the part of the user.

 It is equipped with soft, flexible, synthetic bristles ensuring the safety of the cleaned surfaces. 

The plastic base reduces the risk of bending and cracking.

The specially selected bristle structure ensures complete safety for the cleaned material, it does not adversely affect even the most delicate weaves of the fabric. 

Does not cause pilling.

The K2 Brill brush is made of the highest quality materials. 

It is highly resistant to chemicals, which significantly extends its service life. 

Plastic bases eliminate the problem of cracking due to soaking of the brush, which occurs in structures with a wooden base.

 It can be used wet or dry, ideal for removing sand from upholstery, for example. It is also great for cleaning plastics.

Brush diameter: 10 cm

Hair length: 2.5 cm

Handle: ¼ “hexagonal

Hardness: soft



For upholstery, car mats, floor coverings, trunk linings, plastics and non-automotive applications, incl. washing carpets, linings, chair coverings, etc.


Try the K2 Brill brush and keep the upholstery perfectly clean with a minimum of effort.


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