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K2 Car Paint Scratch Remover ULTRA CUT TURBO & CARNAUBA WAX Paste Polishing Kit

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K2 Car Paint Scratch Remover ULTRA CUT TURBO & CARNAUBA WAX Paste Polishing Kit

Set contains of:

  • K2 Ultra Wax Carnauba Wax 250g
  • K2 Ultra Cut Scratch Remover 100g
  • K2 Turbo Polish Paste Compound 100g


K2 Turbo is a slightly abrasive paste. designed to remove very small finest scratches. imperfections only. 


Modern and proven product by millions of satisfied customers in 30 countries around the world.

It contains special nanoparticles 


Making it easy to remove smallest scratch. weathered paint. stains. oil. asphalt. and the remains of insects. 25% smoother surface . 10% more gloss shine.

Lacquer after use look like new again. it restores it back to shine.

Easy to apply and does not require much effort at polishing. Suitable lacquer mirror 

shine. Ideal for all types of coatings: acrylic.metallic and pearl


How To Use


  • Wash and dry the bodywork.


  • Use circular movements to apply a thin layer of K2 TEMPO with a soft cloth.
  • You may find application easier using slightly damp applicator sponge


  • After drying (30 seconds) polish with a clean soft cloth until imperfections are removed.

Polishing Wax Paste removes certain type of scratches of the lacquer surface only. it is not a magic product to remove any kind of scratch. as some are simply to deep to be removed using slightly abrasive paste.




K2 Ultra Cut Scratch Remover 


Slightly abrasive paste that removes effectively scratches.  scores and imperfections of lacquer.

lt smoothens the surface perfectly.

Easy to apply and polish Effective for many kinds of paints and their colors. 

Removes scratches and yellow coating of headlight lenses. 

To ensure additional protection after removal of scratches. we recommend to protect the paint with the hard Carnauba


How To Use


  • Apply a small amount of the paste. 


  • Use a clean and dry cloth for  surface polishing.  until the imperfections are removed. 


  • Do not use the product in  direct sunlight or when the surface is hot to the touch


K2 Ultra Wax Carnauba Wax

ULTRA WAX is a high quality hard wax for polishing and care. 

Suitable for all types paint finishes including metallic.

Contains natural Carnauba wax and unique synthetic polymers. 

Provides long-lasting protective layer on the paint surface. remaining untouched even after multiple car washes.

Ensures deep lustre and long-term protection against acid rain.  salt and harmful UV radiation.

ULTRA WAX should be applied using enclosed sponge for easy application and polishing.

How To Use 

  • Apply little quantity of wax using sponge applicator and wait(min.  30 sec)  for slightly drying. 
  • Then polish using dry and clean MICROFIBRE CLOTH for a high gloss effect. 
  • Do not use in direct sunlight and on warm surfaces. 

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