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K2 CLAREN Windshield Washer Concentrate Screenwash Winter Antifreeze -40°C – 5L


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K2 CLAREN -40 ° C is a modern windshield washer fluid that will not fail even in extremely low ambient temperatures, -40 ° C. Due to its unique properties and high potency, it can also be used to defrost an already frozen windshield washer fluid and serve as an auxiliary to defrost car windows from frost and ice deposits. Already at the first use, it perfectly removes dirt from the glass surface, leaving it perfectly transparent and without streaks.

K2 CLAREN -40 ° C is completely safe for paintwork, rubber and plastic elements, also for the most modern polycarbonate headlamps. Protects the wiper blades against loss of flexibility. Can be used with any type of washer nozzle. Effectively protects them against freezing.

It meets the technical requirements of the following DEKRA standards in terms of: Washing quality (QMA 2001.1405 standard) and Compatibility with polycarbonate headlights, plastic and rubber elements and varnish (QMA 2001.1428, QMA 2001.1478, QMA 2001.1425, QMA 2001.1400 standards).


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