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K2 DPF DIESEL Additive Concentrated Cleaner Regenerate Particulate Filter Kit

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K2 DPF DIESEL Additive Concentrated Cleaner Regenerate Particulate Filter Kit

Extremely easy to use

Apply 1 bottle into fuel tank. before filling up with 40-60 litters of Diesel.

Very Effective Concentrated additive to clean DPF Highly active molecules of additive


K2 Diesel act as a catalyst and constantly support soot filter combustion. reduce emission.

Prolongs live of the Filter. 


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) catches particles of soot in the exhaust system. Short trips. stop start traffic cause rapid clogging of the DPF. 


When the filter is full to some point the computer will indicate the process of regeneration. 

Using so called injectors. 


It will provide an extra portion of secondary combustion of fuel. which would increase the exhaust gas temperature of approx. 200 ° C to approx. 550 ° C.


 It is sufficient to remove. burn off particles of soot from DPF. 


The problem is that in City Traffic. when the car overcomes short distances. the computer doesn’t have time to complete the whole prices lasting several minutes.


That leads to rapid clogging of the filter.


Warning light will come on to show that the filter is partially blocked.


This product will clean DPF Filter in Diesel engine. however will not fix any additional issues that may be related to it. 


If you let DPF to clog too much. it will only be possible to clean it by a professional service.


When the filter reaches certain percentage full. it can no longer clean itself neither can you. 


If the Emission controls light or engine management warning light come at the same time as dpf there is more serious fault and you need to contact a professional mechanic.


Also please note that since product is meant to be diluted in 40-60 l of diesel it will take the time for it to actually clean the fuel system as it must first pass through it. 


It is not an immediate effect.

For best result use it regularly to prevent serious DPF blockage.  


K2 Pro DPF Professional Cleaner Aerosol Spray for regeneration & unblocking of clogged Diesel Particulate Filter DPF & FAP 



Particle filter is a filter used in modern diesel engines to reduce the amount of exhaust gas permeating the atmosphere. 


It is important to take care of filter. 

K2 DPF Cleaner is a professional aerosol applied solution for regeneration and cleaning the filters DPF and FAP. 


It helps to effectively burn any deposits stack inside. that clog the filter. 


K2 DPF Cleaner is Highly Effective Professional Solution for removing carbon and ash deposit accumulated in filter.


It allows easily and quickly to clean filter without need to remove it.


Effectively restores original engine parameters. improves performance. reduce fuel consumption.


Completely evaporates after use. do not leave any trace. 


Please note that product is designed to clean. unclog filter. 


It is NOT going to fix any additional issues that may be related to it.


When filter reaches certain level it can no longer clean itself and neither can you. It will require a professional service


Best to avoid this is by cleaning it regularly.



If more than one working light comes at same time as DPF it indicates a serious fault and you should contact professional. do not attempt to treat it yourself.                                           

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