K2 Duraflex Soft Flexible Velcro Backing Pad M14 for Cutting Polishing Sponges


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High quality professional flexible Velcro backed disc perfect for polishing various types of coatings.
Flexibility of the pad allows it to adjust to uneven surfaces
For the mechanical polishing speed of no more than 2500 r / min.
Properly selected materials of the highest quality and a special bonding process of polishing sponges
allows for washing them in soft detergents and temperatures up to 60 ° C.

Before the next use sponge must be completely drysuitable for rotary polishers
Flexible pads and quality sponges ensure a quality finish

1 x Duraflex Soft Backing Pad Size 123mm suitable for 150mm Duraflex Velcro Pads Backing plate M14

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