FAST CUT Compound Cutting Car Paint Boat Oxidation Holograms K2 Luster Q3


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K2 GOLD LUSTER Q3 FAST CUT Compound Cutting Car Paint Oxidation Holograms 1kg

New generation of silicone free K2 polishing compounds from series of professional grade products K2 GOLD


High Quality cutting compound for machine polishing of car paint and many other surfaces.


Recommended for use in the automotive and manufacturing industry


Removes scratches from sandpaper . automatic car washes . matt  . 

oxidation . holograms . discoloration . 


Perfect for both fresh paintwork and old damaged paint

It gives excellent results when used in a so-called one step polishing 

1 cycle with 1 polishing sponge. 


In most cases do not require any additional steps .


Generates only little heat during operation. which does not overheat the surface. no need of using water


Recommended for polishing

  • all kinds of car paints
  • industrial coatings
  • boats
  • furniture
  • gel coats
  • composite products
  • reflectors . headlights
  • cellulose
  • synthetic surface
  • acrylics and many others
  • Capacity : 1000 g
  • Silicone Free
  • Colour : white


How To Use


Paste is suitable for use with medium sponges. for example  K2 DURAFLEX 


Before polishing surface should be clean.

Large defects can be removed with sandpaper.

Before application shake the packaging.

Apply the paste on the  polishing sponge

Spread paste at low speed (approx. 600 rpm) and then increase it up to approx. 1500 rpm 

and polished to a high gloss.

After polishing clean the surface with a microfiber

Newer let it dry on polished surface

Do not polish surfaces hot to touch or in direct sunshine


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