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K2 Gold VENOX CAR Scratch Mark Remover Lotion Restore Gloss Shine FREE WAX PAD


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K2 Gold VENOX CAR Scratch Mark Remover Lotion Restore Gloss Shine FREE WAX PAD

Slightly abrasive polishing  liquid for removal of small. finest scratches only. 


Smooth and shiny paint of your car without any scratches. pleases and catches the eye. 


It makes your car stand out if compared to other cars.


Unfortunately specially on bright days sun reflects uneven paint and highlights any dots and imperfections. 


K2 VENOX Scratch remover in innovative form of pleasantly smelling polishing ‘Lotion like’ Liquid.


Removes small scratches permanently. not cover them temporary like some other scratch removers.  


It restores lustre of matte fatigued varnishes. enhance natural colour. 


Easy to apply slightly abrasive lotion. liquid consistency polish. 


  • Pleasant citrusy fragrance. 
  • Perfectly removes . polishes of finest scratches and imperfections.  
  • Remove effects of oxidation. bird droppings etc. 
  • Silicone Free 
  • Ideal for both Hand and machine application.
  • 180g 
  • Applicator sponge included. 
  • No marks or smudges on plastic. 
  • Very efficient 
  • Perfect for cleaning headlights. 
  • Suitable for all kinds of paint including metallic one. 
  • Before attempting to remove scratch with VENOX Lotion. is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry car body. 


It is important as remaining on paint particles of dust . sand and other dirt can scratch lacquer when polishing with scratch remover.  


Also it is much easier to actually see the scratches and define area which need to be polished. on clean bodywork. 


If original car body or undercoat paint can be seen . scratch is to deep to be polish off. 


If scratch is fairly small. apply as follow. 


Apply small amount of polishing lotion on applicator sponge and define the small area which will be polished. 


Polish with circular movements. use moderate pressure . do not press to hard or rub to long in one place.


Wipe excess paste with soft microfibre cloth. 


Repeat if necessarily. but please note that polish remove micro layer of lacquer each time is used and polishing to much in one spot can matt the lacquer.

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