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K2 GRAVON Ceramic Coat Nano Sealant Car Paint Glass NO WAX 5 year Protection Kit

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K2 GRAVON Ceramic Coat Nano Sealant Car Paint Glass NO WAX 5 year Protection Kit

Ceramic coating is currently known in the world as the most durable form of protection for paintwork and other surfaces.


It ensures the highest protection level and much higher hardness than the hardest varnishes.


After use on the paintwork surface it builds a transparent and invisible layer 2-3 microns thick. thanks to which the paintwork is completely isolated from the effects of all external factors.




Based on the latest technology. we have created a product for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts. ensuring 100% satisfaction with the final effect.


Ceramic coating K2 GRAVON is one of the most innovative products that we offer. based on nanotechnology and strictly designed to guarantee the best result.




K2 GRAVON protects the surface from scratches. dirt. UV rays. grit salt. bird droppings. rains and tree sap. remnants of insects. corrosion and mechanical damages. caused for example by stone hits.


It also protects against the appearance of gloss reducing defects. especially circular scratches.


Thanks to the ceramic coating. there is no need to wax the vehicle. Furthermore. due to the excellent dirt repulsion and selfcleaning properties the need for vehicle wash can be also reduced.


In contrast to waxes. ceramic coating cannot be washed off with chemical agents. and so it is the most stable manner known for surface protection. 

The only way the coating can be removed is machine polishing.


This coating also protects against graffiti as the paint does not stick to the surface and can be easily removed.




K2 GRAVON coating can be applied not only to the paintwork. but also to rubber. plastic. metal and glass. 

It can be highly recommended for various automotive. yachting. aviation and industrial applications.




Optimum application conditions:


1. Surface temperature between 10-35°C.

2. Apply indoors or in shaded areas.

3. Do not apply in excessive humidity conditions.


Surface preparation:


1. Clean and thoroughly dry the paintwork.


2. The paintwork surface should be free of tar. dirt. waxes. oils and original manufacturer protection.


Use K2 CLAY BAR to remove any residual dirt in microelements of the paintwork.


3. Paint defects and scratches should be polished. e.g. using a polishing machine and K2 LUSTER polishing pastes.




1. Before applying the ceramic coating thoroughly degrease the paintwork using K2 KLINET degreaser and K2 BONA microfibre.


2. Shake the bottle well and apply 6-8 drops to a dry wipe covering the applicator.


3. Apply with criss-cross motion on a surface no larger than 50x50cm for at a time.

4. Let the coating work for 3-5 minutes in a temperature of app. 20°C. then polish the surface with a microfiber cloth (a higher temperature will shorten the drying time. a lower temperature will increase it).


Do not allow the coating to dry on the paintwork.


5. After finishing the first coat. wait for at least 1 hour and then apply the next layer (for the max. hardness it’s recommended to apply 3 layers).


6. Optionally. after finishing the last coat. K2 GRAVON RELOAD can be applied for additional glide and colour depth.


After use:


1. Leave the car preferably indoors in a dry place for min. 8 hours.

2. Do not wash the car with any chemical compounds for the next 7 days.

3. For regular coating maintenance (every 3-6 months). it is recommended to use K2 GRAVON RELOAD.


The kit contents:


K2 Gravon 50 ml 

Applicator 1 pc 

Applicator wipes 5 pcs 

Microfiber cloth 


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