K2 GRAVON Lite Ceramic Coat Nano Sealant Car Paint Glass 5 years Protection 30ml


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K2 Gravon Lite is an easy-to-apply ceramic coating that protects the paint from scratches, dirt, UV rays and other external factors for up to 12 months. 

Thanks to the ceramic coating, there is no need to wax the car, and because of the excellent repulsion of dirt and self-cleaning properties can reduce the frequency of cleaning.

In contrast to waxes, the ceramic coating can not be washed off with chemicals, which is why it is the most durable, known way of protecting the surface. 

The only way to remove the coating is machine polishing. 

The ceramic coating also protects against graffiti, the applied paint does not adhere to the surface and is easy to remove.

Product K2 Gravona Lite can also be used as the last layer of a previously applied coating (in an amount of from 1 to 3 layers) of the “Lite G032  Gravona 30 ml protection 5 years.” K2 Gravon Lite additionally conquers the visual finishing effect, gives the perfect slipperiness and smoothness of the lacquer.

Set contains

  • K2 Gravon Lite Carmic wax 30ml
  • Set of ceramic wax applicators 


Optimum application conditions

Ambient temperature from 10 C to 35 C. Apply in a room or a shady place. Do not apply in conditions of excessive humidity.

Surface preparation

  • Wash and dry the varnish thoroughly. 
  • The surface should be free from tar, dirt, waxes, pastels, factory protections.
  •  In order to remove any contamination in the pores of the paint, it is recommended to use K2 clay.
  •  Paint with defects and scratches should be machine polished, eg using a polishing machine and K2 Luster pastes.


  • Before applying the ceramic coating, degrease the surface thoroughly with K2 Klinet silicone remover using a microfiber Optionally apply K2 Gravon Primer, using a mechanical polisher, which will additionally strengthen the bonding of the ceramic coating with the surface of the varnish. 
  • The ceramic coating can be applied one hour after polishing. 
  • Thoroughly shake the bottle and put 6-8 drops on a dry handkerchief wrapped on the applicator. 
  • Apply crosswise, once to surfaces not bigger than 50×50 cm. 
  • After 1-2 minutes from application at about 20 °, polish the surfaces with microfibers (higher temperature shortens the drying time, lower lengthens).
  •  Do not allow the coating to dry on the paint. After applying and polishing the first coat, wait for min.

After application

  • Leave the car in a dry place for min. 8 hours. 
  • For the next 7 days, do not wash the car using any chemicals.
  • For regular maintenance of the coating (every 3-6 months) it is recommended to use K2 Gravon Reload.

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