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K2 HIGH QUALITY Soft Clay Bar & SPECTRUM Lubricant Kit Car Paint Quick Detailer

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K2 HIGH QUALITY Soft Clay Bar & SPECTRUM Lubricant Kit Car Paint Quick Detailer


is a unique liquid wax created on the basis of the newest technological achievements. 


Easy to use – just spray the surface and wipe it off. not waiting for the wax to dry.  


K2 Spectrum may be easily polished onto surface and it leaves no white streaks.

Excellent for all paint types. 

It can also be used on a warm surface. 


Can be used to renew plastics. lights. dashboards. chromium plated and rubber components. tyres. leather and windows.  




  • Clean the vehicle 
  • Most importantly. vehicle paint must be dry prior to wax application. 
  • Thoroughly shake the spray bottle and spray directly onto the surface.
  • Polish afterwards with a  FREE microfibre cloth. 
  • This will leave the surface very smooth and shiny.

K2 High Quality Soft Large Clay Bar 200g

Will remove harmful surface contamination that still remains after a car wash. 


Particles of tree sap. over spray . bug residue. bird droppings. road grime and other stubborn dirt. 


Contamination like that is not always visible on the part. after using clay bar surface of the lacquer will be smooth and clean. 


Dirt and impurities will stick to the clay bar.


It will now be ready for car polish or need to be re washed for wax application. 


  • Safe and Easy to use 
  • Do not scratch the paint or matt the lacquer. 
  • Car should be washed before using clay bar.
  • 200g soft quality clay  
  • Can be used also on chrome parts. glass. wheels and fibreglass. 
  • Always use with lubricant liquid 
  • Do not remove scratches. removes dirt and contamination stuck in micro gaps in paint surface. 
  • Avoid using clay bar in direct sunlight as lubricant would dry to quick. 
  • Always wash your ca after using Clay Bar . to remove any leftover clay residue which would make wax application difficult.
  • It helps to keep your clay bar soft and flexible if after use spray a little bit of lubricant into clay bar box. 
  • If you listen closely you will be able to hear when clay bar picks up impurities. it helps to determine when surface is clean. 

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