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K2 KLIMA DOKTOR & Air Con Bomb FRESH Conditioning Cleaner Foam A/C Odor Remover

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K2 KLIMA DOKTOR & Air Con Bomb FRESH Conditioning Cleaner Foam A/C Odor Remover

K2 KLIMA DOKTOR is a High Quality and very effective active foam for removal of any odours and cleaning Air Conditioning System.

Can be used in any car conditioning system.

It is not a Air Con Bomb which only refresh smells.

This product cleans entire air conditioning system from inside.

If you can feel a bad smell while running Air Conditioning in your car then Klima Doktor is the right product for you.

Distinctive bad smell coming from air conditioning system is not only

unpleasant but can also be dangerous  and cause health problems.

You do not want to inhale all the odours along with the air.

Dirty Air Conditioning System may cause an Allergic Reactions.

Pleasant Fresh Smell

  • 500ml
  • 40cm long application tube 
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Cleans Air Con System . not only refresh

How to use

  • Set the Air Condition to external circulation – Fresh Air and switch temperature to the minimum
  • Turn off Air Conditioning and Fan
  • Change the Cabin Air Filter 
  • Shake can well before use. make sure that application tube is not bend anywhere
  • Insert the end of tube into the Air Outlet Vent
  • Apply the small amount of product and slowly pull out tube from Air Outlet
  • Repeat for every and all Air Outlet in dash board
  • Wipe off excess foam leaking  from outlet
  • Wait 15 minutes for foam to penetrate thoroughly
  • Turn on Air conditioning and set to Recirculated- Recycled Air . internal circulation 
  • Turn on fan and set up to minimum
  • Gradually increase to maximum. making sure that foam do not come out from Air Vent
  • After 10 minutes you can use KLIMA FRESH to refresh and remove any still remaining odours

K2 KLIMA FRESH  A/C Air Conditioning   Re freshener

  • Highly Effective. Easy to Use . fast way to deodorize your car interior.
  • It is a Air Con Bomb type of re-freshener.
  • To be used after cleaning air conditioning system with KLIMA DOKTOR
  • Designed  to refresh the air conditioning system
  • Removes odours that arise from contaminants and moisture in the ventilation system.
  • The whole process takes no more than several minutes
  • Suitable for any type of air conditioning. It leaves a pleasant smell.

An efficient air conditioning system positively affects the comfort and increased safety.

It was found that the longer ride in an overheated car may result in an accident.

For efficient operation it is recommended to regularly. .once a year or every 15 thousand. km.change the air conditioning system’s cabin air filter

Unpleasant smells come from the air conditioning because bacteria and fungi are developing there.

That is not only unpleasant to smell but most important can cause allergies.

During the summer. in order to rapidly cool the heated interior

of the car must first open the windows and ventilate the car. then switch on the air conditioning.

  • If possible. park in the shade. 
  • After turning off the air conditioning  fan should stay on  for a while.
  • Suitable for all types of Air Conditioning 
  • Very Easy and Quick to use

How To Use

  • Close all doors and windows
  • Set a minimum temperature. fan on a maximum strength while  
  • Air Con set on recirculated air / internal circulation.
  • Move the driver’s seat as far forward and recline it.
  • Shake container well and leave it behind the driver’s seat.
  • Press the spray. it should get locked in ‘ON’ position
  • Get out of the car and close the door behind you.
  • It should last for approx. 10 minutes.
  • You can enter the car. Discard the old cartridge and ventilate the car before driving.
  • Set Air Conditioning to External Circulation.

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