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K2 MEGA TANK Epoxy Putty Quick Cold Weld Repair Fix Fuel Tanks 28g


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Mega Tank  is an industrial two part epoxy cement for sealing fuel tanks, radiators, coolers and their likes by filling holes, cracks and crevices made in them.

There is no disassembly required as the seal is very rapid.


The cement hardens like steel and can be sanded afterwards, be drilled and machined.


After solidifying the material is resistant to water, detergents and liquids such as: petrol, oil, coolants and lubricants.


The temperature resistance after hardening is 121°C.

How To Use


The tank or radiator or whatever material about to be repaired must be drained completely before the sealing process begins.

The treatment area must also be cleaned and degreased.


The desired amount needed is cut for the repair.                                            


Knead the mass as long and possible until the mass attains a uniformed colour.    


A uniformed colour is a sign that components have been thoroughly mixed together.


Then you can start the repair process, the mass begins to solidify in about 

5 minutes and maximal result is achieved after approximately 12 hours. 

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