K2 Pro Roton Bleeding Rim Fallout Iron Remover Car Alloy Wheel Cleaner 700 mL


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K2 Roton in a spectacular way removes all stubborn dirt, including sludge from the brake, pads and road dirt, as a result the
liquid turns in to red.

Washing of wheels with the fluid is fast, efficient and effective and does not require effort.
Dirt is
removed without the risk of scratching the surface.


Before using the product, make sure the wheel is cool.
Evenly spray the entire surface to be cleaned.
Leave for a few minutes.
At the time of applying liquid is colorless.
Reacting to impurities by changing in to red, which means that dirt is dissolved
(in certain types of soils it is possible instantaneous color of green).

In order to remove contaminants from hard to reach places use a brush or a sponge for cleaning rims.

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Rinse with a strong jet of water.

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