K2 PROTON HARD Natural CARNAUBA CAR WAX Gloss SHINE Applicator +Microfibre 200g


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K2 Proton is a highly efficient and effective natural hard wax

Made with highest quality carnauba wax one of the hardest waxes found in nature.

Gives the paint amazing mirror finish and deep colour.
Waxing with K2 Proton is easy, and polishing requires no effort.

Proton protective layer is extremely durable and has great water beading properties

Provides protection for up to a dozen of washes.

Car paint is easier to keep clean and the dirt washes off easier

  • Mirror shine and deep colour
  • Easy to buff off
  • Highly Resistant
  • Protects against UV, weathering and repels water

How to use

  • Before applying proton wax paint must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • In order to obtain maximum durability you can clean the car using clay bar and degrease using K2 Klinet Degreaser available in Our Shop.
  • Apply the wax using applicator sponge on small defined area at the time.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes- until when lightly touched with fingertips do not leave finger prints.
  • Polish using microfibre until desired gloss shine.

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