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K2 Quantum Synthetic Liquid Wax Car Paint Shine Gloss Protect FREE Microfibre


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K2 Gold QUANTUM Synthetic Wax Sealant is a product based on highest quality polymers.

It provides long term enhanced protection of paint . even up to several washes.

Easy to apply and buff off.

Leaves deep shine .long lasting protection. and enhance colour depth.

Lacquer feels silky smooth and rain water beads off the car.

When applied properly to a clean car . it fills in paint and layers the whole car.

Water is more likely to stick to itself and beads up higher and rounder than on un-waxed car.

It does not leave white marks on plastic parts.

K2 QUANTUM is also very efficient only 50-70 ml is enough to apply per car.

How To Use

  • Before applying K2 QUANTUM it is important to wash and dry the car thoroughly.

  • It is best to apply wax to a one particular area at the time.

  • Shake well before use.

  • Apply small amount of sealant using applicator sponge or soft cloth.

  • Please note that 50-70 ml in enough for one car.

  • Do not apply to much as it may effect in marks that will be very hard to buff off after Quantum hardened.

  • After applying wait up to 15 s then polish using soft microfiber cloth until reaching desired shine.

Sleek Glossy Finish

Effective protection against oxidation. UV radiation . corrosion. water.

Contains unique substances to increase colour depth.

Suitable for any colour of paint.

Easy to Apply.

Suitable for both manual and machine use.

Very efficient just 50 ml of polish is enough for a car

Silicone Free

Deep Gloss Shine 


Free microfiber cloth 40 x 40 cm

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