K2 Scepter Alloy Wheel Brush BARREL BRUSH High Quality Extra soft long


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K2 Scepter – convenient to use and extremely effective rim cleaning brush. 

Created to thoroughly remove dirt from even the most inaccessible places. 

Its mission is to get the dirt out of every crevice in which she tries to hide and bring the rim to perfect, royal cleanliness. 

The K2 Scepter scepter is not a coincidence, it was made of the highest quality materials for demanding auto-cosmetic and detailing enthusiasts. 

It has flexible bristles with a density selected in this way to easily reach the hard-to-reach corners of the rims. 

The soft bristles effectively clean, yet are gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive surfaces and finishes. 

The high strength of the nylon bristles allows the use of the K2 Scepter brush also in tandem with strong rim washing liquids (including K2 Roton and K2 Roton Pro). 

High chemical resistance protects the brush hair against degradation and deformation. 

A solid handle with a rubber cover ensures a secure grip and high comfort of work, and the safe tip of the brush prevents scratches on the washed surface. 

The brush holder is equipped with a hole that allows it to be conveniently hung. 

Test the K2 Scepter on your rims and it will become your favorite.

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