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K2 Speed Spray Wax on Wet CAR Remove Water Sheen Finish Enhances Color 770ml


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Perfect Quick and Easy  solution for everyone who doesn’t have lots of time to spend on Car Detailing. 

Quick and easy shine. just spray on wet car and wipe.

Professional drying wax provide

s immediate flow of residual water.

Restores natural colour and gloss shine.

Creates protective layer on the top of paint coat. which protects against weather conditions.

Recommended for all types of paint.

Do not leave marks or streaks.

Can be also applied on dry car.


If you like when your car looks clean and shiny but have no time to spend hours on car detailing.

This Spid Wax it’s a perfect product for you.

One easy application no need to polish. buff of for hours.

It provides protection and shine with no need to even wait for car to dry.

Just wash your car and spray K2 SPID WAX onto still wet car bodywork.

Wipe using clean soft cloth.

Brilliant shine in a matter of few minutes.



  • Easy. Effective  and Quick to use.
  • Shake well before using.


Just spray onto wet car and wipe using microfibre cloth or chamois leather cloth.

  • 770ml
  • No white marks. streaks on plastic or glass.
  • Protect paint against weather conditions.
  • Brings gloss shine . no need to rub or polish.


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