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Novol 720 Polyester Resin Hardener Repair Kit Set All in One 1kg Glass Fibre


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Novol  PLUS 720 repair kit which consist of polyester resin, hardener and glass fibremat.                                                      

It forms rigid laminate with a very good mechanical strength and it may be used  for repairing large damages (e.g. caused by corrosion).                                                        

It can be used for repairing metal or plastic surfaces.                    

When cured, it may be sanded and coated with any polyester putties, to achieve enough smooth surface.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Kit Includes

  • 1kg of Polyester Resin 
  • 50g of Hardener
  • 0,5 m² of Glass Fibre Mat is 5,38 ft2


Polyester resin and hardener 

Mixing ratio:                                            

Resin : 100 parts by weight

Hardener :2 to 3 parts by weight     

Drying time 

Approx 45 minutes at 20 C   
To fulfil substantial material loss (caused by corrosion ),  strengthening and stiffening the surfaces made of metal and plastic.                                                                                                                          
After curing it can be sanded and coated with polyester fillers in order to obtain a suitable surface.                                                                                                      

How to use Novol Fibreglass Repair Kit  

  • Clean, sand and degrease the surface
  • Prepare a suitable piece of  mat.          
  • Glass mat should be 2 cm larger than the damaged area
  • Mix the resin and hardener until even in colour – follow the required amount of hardener.                                                
  • The processing time is 10 to 15 minutes at 20 C.                      
  • Apply the resin using brush onto damaged area                                      
  • Then apply the mat, press it and impregnate it with resin using a brush.    
  • Depending on the damage, several layers of mat can be applied      

Additional information

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