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Novol Ferrari Rosso Red Brake DRUM Caliper Paint High Gloss Heat 190°C 2k 500ml

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Novol Ferrari Rosso Red Brake DRUM Caliper Paint High Gloss Heat 190°C 2k 500ml

2k High Temperature Paint Formulated With High Quality Resins.                                                        



  • Mixing Ratio 4:1
  • Best result when applied at 15-25°C.  
  • High Yield 
  • Filling properties 
  • Very Good Chemical Resistance
  • Very good Mechanical Resistance 
  • Perfect chiding power and flowability  
  • Resistant to abrasion and weather conditions
  • Heat resistance up 190°C
  •  Protects against corrosion 
  • High gloss
  • Short drying time: 12 h
  • Hardened Resistant to touch after 2h
  • Next layer application: 
  • minimum 20 min. maximum 18-24 h 

Super gloss and long lasting colour. does not become yellow.

High resistance to UV Perfectly covers and fills. creating diamond coating

Efficiency of 500 ml : 7 m²

Good filling properties 

Resistant to weather and salt water resistant to temperatures up to 80°C

For indoor and outdoor use

Colour : Ferrari Rosso Red

Capacity:Enamel : 400ml

Fast Curing Agent :100 ml

High gloss enamel based on acrylic – polyurethane resin with hardener

Please note that it has a strong smell 

How to Use

  • Surface to be painted should be clean and free of grease.
  • Preparation of surface is crucial for ensuring a good result.
  • Clean the bath using abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly.
  • Sand surface with fine sandpaper.
  • Clean and degrease surface.
  • The best result can be achieved by painting at a temperature of +18 C or higher. 
  • Mix components of tin A and B by pouring contents of can B into can A . it is designed to fit in there. then mix thoroughly
  • Wait for 20-30 minutes so enamel can start reacting with curing meantime you can prepare work area by covering all surfaces around. to protect from staining with paint
  • After mixing components enamel is suitable for use for about 4-6 hours.

Best effect can be obtained by applying several thin coat instead of one thick.  

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