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Novol Hologram Finishing Glaze Professional Polishing Compound High Gloss Kit

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Novol Hologram Finishing Glaze Professional Polishing Compound High Gloss Kit

Set include 

  • Finishing Glaze 500g
  • Polishing Compound 500g
  • Polishing Plate Disc
  • 3 Polishing Pads (Hard.Medium.Soft)
  • Microfibre Cloth


Quattro Polishing Compound 


A high-quality fine polishing compound intended for fresh and hardened acrylic and polyurethane surfaces. including SR (Scratch Resistance) products. 


The carefully selected components of the Polishing Compound and the recommended polishing pads from the QUATTRO product line help remove scratches easily and efficiently from all surfaces processed with P1500-P2000 sandpaper. 


Recommended for machine and hand polishing. 


Quattro Finishing Glaze 

The Finishing Glaze is based on high-quality components for the high gloss finish.


With the QUATTRO MEDIUM or QUATTRO SOFT pads. the product gives high and lasting gloss (especially on dark paints). 


The fine abrasive features. combined with recommended QUATTRO MEDIUM or SOFT pads helps with refreshing surfaces and removing scratches from everyday use.


For machine and hand polishing. Silicone-free.



Quattro Polishing Plate Disc


The polishing plate is intended for mounting the Velcro polishing pads. 


Such a Velcro plate helps to make the appropriate polishing pad selection quick and easy. 


The standard M14 thread available. 


Quattro Polishing Pads 

All QUATTRO polishing pads. Recommended for smooth and profiled Velcro pads.


The high-quality materials and specially designed shape of pads allows for effective removing scratches and reaching places hardtoreach.



With the QUATTRO POLISHING COMPOUND. this pad easy and effectively removes scratches. 

The open cell structure of the pad thoroughly
absorb and gradually release the Polishing Compound to help achieve the desired effect. 

The pad is recommended for refinished or original paintworks
(especially SR clear coats).



A universal pad recommended for use with the POLISHING COMPOUND or the FINISHING GLAZE.

For removal of scratches from refinished or original paintworks.


Recommended for finishing operations with the fine QUATTRO POLISHING COMPOUND or the QUATTRO FINISHING GLAZE. 

It minimises the risk of
overheating and holograms. 

Especially recommended for dark paints. 

Prevents polishing marks.

Quattro Microfibre Cloths

The product is perfect for polishing and removing stains from polishing compounds and finishing glazes. 

The micro-active fibres retain small and large dirt particles without scratching the surface. 

For dry and wet wiping. 


Can be repeatedly machine washed at temperatures up to +60°C.

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