NOVOL Spectral Adhesion Increasing Agent Additive for Acrylic 2K Paint 500ml


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NOVOL Adhesion Increasing Agent Additive for Acrylic Polyurethane 2K Paint 500ml

One-component adhesion increasing agent for primers. coats and colour

acrylic topcoats applied on steel. galvanized steel. aluminium and most

The majority of modern cars have parts made of plastic
materials. coated to match the main body colour. or coated in contrasting
colours in special cases.

To help you with the complex process of coating
plastic materials. we offer the SPECTRAL technology. based on superior quality

  • Perfect
    varnishing polypropylene and mixtures thereof
    when varnishing other plastics

Modern automotive manufacturing uses many types of
plastics which feature different properties and performance characteristics.
and each plastic type requires specific repair processes.

To make the paint coat repairs durable. a specific
working process must be followed.

SPECTRAL is a range of products intended for coating
of plastics.

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