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NOVOL UNI Car Body Filler Universal Hard Putty Dent Repair 2kg with Hardener


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Novol Universal Body Filler Putty 2Kg


UNI basic putty in our range. 

Relatively hard and not very flexible. it is
recommended mainly for machine sanding and repairing of small surfaces. 

It has good adhesion to various substrates except
galvanized steel.


Applied to substrates such as


Polyester laminate Steel 


Component acrylic primers 

Old paint coatings

1970g Putty 30g Hardener 

Colour: Beige  


Mixing ratio

UNI putty – 100 parts by weight   

Hardener – 2 to 3 parts by weight 

Drying time

From 20 to 30 min. At 20 C.      

VOC limit. (Cat. II / B / b) = 250 g / l  
 VOC <90 g / l   


Do not apply directly on the ground reactive (wash
primers). one-component acrylic and nitrocellulose.      


How to use


Mix very well until even in colour

Follow the recommended amount of hardener 2-3 : 100

Apply a layer of no more than 3 mm thickness

The minimum temperature required for application is +
10 C. 


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Weight 2.4 kg


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