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One Coat Tile Paint 500ml Gloss Satin Kitchens Bathrooms All colours



One Coat Tile Paint 500ml Gloss Satin Kitchens Bathrooms All colours

This is a very high quality product, primarily used for professionals but can be equally used at home.

All products are available in 100ml, 250ml 500ml and 1 Litter quantities and can be supplied in a kit containing cleaner and brush! 

We are made every effort to make the colours on screen as close as possible to the ones you’ll use.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

Photographs and paint swatch colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.

Please note that paint are made for order and return are not acceptable.

Professional product used and recommended by companies which are specialized in tiles renovations

Will save you lots of money instead of replacing a tiles just paint it. 

Guarantees high quality coating.


Special composition ensures obtaining of surface resistant to abrasion , cracking , scratching and flaking with a high covering power 

Super gloss and long lasting colour,

High resistance to UV Perfectly covers and fills, creating diamond coating

For indoor and outdoor use

Colour : We can make any colour 

Capacity:Enamel : 500ml

High gloss enamel based on acrylic polyurethane resin 

Please note that it has a strong smell 

  • Good filling properties 
  • Tin Size: 500ml.
  • Coverage: 8m² per litre.
  • Drying Time: 24 hours.
  • 24-hour re-coat.
  • Touch Dry in 1-2 hours.
  • Waterproof and mould resistant.
  • Great for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For Application using Brush, Roller or Spray Paint Gun 
  • Clean brushes in white spirit or brush cleaner.
  • Ensure all damaged areas of grout are repaired, give tiles thorough clean with bleach and wipe down.
  • Won’t leave brush marks.
  • No primer needed.
  • Suitable for bare or previously painted tiles.

How to Use

  • Surface to be painted should be clean and free of grease.
  • Preparation of surface is crucial for ensuring a good result.
  • Clean the tiles using abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly..
  • Clean and degrease surface.
  • The best result can be achieved by painting at a temperature of +18 C or higher. 
  • Best effect can be obtained by applying several thin coat instead of one thick.    

Fugaremix Renovated Grout

Easy application

The possibility to tint with Fugaremix + Pigment MIX

A white single component preparation in a bottle with an applicator tip guaranteeing a high quality coating.

The product is based on artificial resins, titanium white, fillers and modifying agents.

The raw material composition ensures achieving a coating with high covering power, high degree of white and good adhesion to painted surfaces.

Grouts painted with the renovator have high resistance to abrasion and detergent cleaning.

A bottle with an applicator tip ensures comfortable usage of the product and the attached sponge ideally removes its excess from tiles.

The preparation designed for renovating cement grout between glazed, terracotta and mosaic tiles with glazed surfaces. 

It should not be used in the case of clinker or unglazed ceramic tiles.

It ought to be applied on vertical surfaces inside and outside buildings. It perfectly mixes with the Pigment MIX pigments. 

Thanks to this property, it is easy to reproduce the current colour of grout or to change its colour or shade. 

The colour selection is facilitated by an approximate colour template placed on the packaging. You can also create your own colours by mixing various pigments.

The renovated grout surface needs to be washed and degreased, especially in the case of kitchen rooms. 

After the application of cleaning agents, the surface has to be washed with clean water and wait for it dry. 

In the event of tinting with Pigment MIX pigments, it is recommended to dose pigments with the attached applicator.

The recommended maximum quantity of the pigment addition is 10 ml. Mix thoroughly by shaking the bottle for about 1 minute until a uniform colour has been obtained. 

 In order to renovate white grouts, use the ready-made preparation. 

Shake the bottle with the preparation and then slightly press the grout with the top-piece of the sponge. 

Before commencing work, a test should be performed on a small, smooth and clean surface.  Grouts should be painted with the preparation on a surface of about 1 sq. m., then it should be left for about 30 minutes until it dries and finally its excess ought to be removed from tiles with the rough side of the attached sponge. 

Exceeding the recommended time may result in difficulties with removing the preparation. 

The drying time is about 2 hours. The product reaches full hardness after 48 hours.

Additional information

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