Spectral Novol FINISH Easy Sand Fine Final Body Filler Car Finishing Putty 1Kg


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FINISH finishing putty for knifing application.


It is used for repairing small surfaces and final smoothing of surface before application of fillers. 


Fine grain fillers make it an excellent material for thin-coat application and filling of small holes and scratches.


It may be sanded with fine grade sandpaper to obtain a very smooth surface.


It also has a very good adhesion to various substrates, including galvanized steel.


Suitable for application on many surfaces including

  •   Polyester laminate 
  • Steel 
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminium 
  • Two component acrylic primers 
  • Old paint coatings 


Are you wondering how to fix minor chips and imperfections of car paint?


In this case, easy to handle, fine filler, will perfectly fulfil the task and will smooth the surface before priming and spray painting  



Colour: – White

Putty 975g 

Hardener 25g 

Mixing ratio:  

Putty Finish – 100 parts by weight  Hardener – 2 to 3 parts by weight 

Drying time:  


From 25 to 35 min at 20 C. 




Do not apply directly on the ground reactive (wash primers), one-component acrylic and nitrocellulose. 


Designed for application with putty knife 

It is used to repair of small areas and the final surface putty  before applying the primer. 


Thanks to the finest fillers it applies in thin layers perfectly and fills the small cavities and cracks. 


Allows sanding with fine-grained abrasive papers, leaving a very smooth surface.  It also has very good adhesion to various surfaces including galvanized steel 


 How to use


Mix well until even in colour and texture 

Follow the recommended amount of hardener 2-3 : 100 apply a  layer with a thickness of less than 5 mm. Minimum temperature required for application is + 10 ° C

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