Spectral UNDER 00-RACE 2k Primer Aspartic Filler Gray SUPER FAST 1.4L Set KIT


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Spectral UNDER OO–RACE 2k Primer (Aspartic Resign Technology) SUPER FAST  

Spectral UNDER OO–RACE (Aspartic Resign Technology)


Spectral Race Primer is a new generation of primers with ‘Aspartic Resins’

This allows fast drying at 20 degree celius ready to sand:

2 layers = 20 minutes

3 layers = 45 minutes

4 layers = 60 minutes

Mix 1:1 comes with 700ml primer and 700ml hardener

  • Very fast two component filler
  • Sanding after 20 min without heating
  • Possibility of application from 10°C
  • Good filling properties
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to sand

Extremely Fast Drying

  • Primer cross linking time at 20 degree celcius. wihtout holding at heat. reduced by 70% from traditional primer application processes

Fast Application with short flash-off times between layers

  • Short application times

Perfect flowability

  • A smooth surface for a reduced sanding effort

Very good filling

  • very high yield

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