Technicqll Gel Glue Adhesive PE PTFE PP Polyethylene Polypropylene Silicone C086


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Technicqll Gel Glue Adhesive PE PTFE PP Polyethylene Polypropylene Silicone C086

A specialistic adhesive with a ground agent called BASE PRIMER increasing surface energy of plastics difficult to stick such as: PP (Polypropylene). PE (Polyethylene). PTFE. 

This colourless. curing in seconds is used for strong and durable bonding of all materials having surfaces smooth and porous. stiff and elastic as well as material combinations e.g. PE to steel. PP to stone. 

It bonds to polyethylene and polypropylene. hot formed elastomers. silicone and related plastics. 

May be also used for bonding PTFE plastics to all other materials e.g. PE to glass or stone or PVC etc.

Applying a new generation adhesive allows for obtaining excellent strength parameters and the highest adhesion to polyolefins (PE. PP) coated previous with the base primer.

How To Use 

Clean and degrease thoroughly the surface to be bonded before applying the base primer. 

Thanks to a brush added to every bottle of the base primer this agent is applied equally and thoroughly to the surfaces. 

It is recommended to coat with the primer twice or three times in case of porous and irregular surfaces. 

The base primer is to be applied only to PP. PE and PTFE surfaces! 

A minute after applying it the adhesive may be applied to one of the surfaces to be bonded. 

The antiadhesive hair of the brush allows for application a very thin layer of the adhesive (even 0.15mm). Such a micron film gives a joint of the highest parameters with an equal distribution of adhesion forces during breaking stresses. 

Please note:
You must not to apply the base primer to surfaces which are easy to stick (e.g. PVC) because you obtain the opposite effect from what you intended.
The adhesive should be used only for one of the surfaces to be bonded.

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