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Deco Color WHITE Renovator Washing Machine Fridge Appliance Spray Paint 400ml

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Deco Color WHITE Renovator Washing Machine Fridge Appliance Spray Paint 400ml


Deco Color AGD Renovator

Appliance Paint RAL 9016 White Gloss 400ml


Fast drying acrylic lacquer

for painting and renovation of


  • Fridges
  • Washing


  • and

    other household appliances. 


Doesn’t become yellow. has

good thermal conductivity.


Perfect for renovation of

outside metal layers of household appliances.


Provides smooth. durable surface.

you can easily clean. 


  • Heat

    resistance up to 100°C

  • Directly

    to household appliances

  • Resistant

    to moisture and rust

  • Creates

    smooth. glossy surface

  • Most

    popular colour: RAL 9016

  • Fast

    drying time: 5 minutes !

  • Touch

    dry: 15-20 min

  • Hardened:

    16-20 h

  • Efficiency 1.5 – 2m2

    depending on type of surface by one application

  • Hard acrylic film

    resistant to water and abrasion

  • For

    indoor and outdoor use 

  • Capacity

    400 ml


How To Use


The surface to be painted

should be clean and free of grease.


The preparation of surface is

crucial for ensuring a good result.


Clean the appliance using

abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly


Sanding surface with very fine

sand paper would also be advised.


The best result can be

achieved by painting at a temperature of 15 – 25  painting indoors make
sure to cover all surfaces nearby . as an invisible particles of dust from
spray paint may cumulate on surfaces causing white sediment.


Remove the protective cover.


Shake the container vigorously

for about one minute. allowing it to mix and even the colour of the paint and
prevent clogging the nozzle.


Apply the paint while holding

the container at a distance of 30 cm from the surface.


Press firmly and do the monotonous

rhythmical. smooth movements during painting.


Several thin coats will give a

much better end result than one thick coat of paint applied.


Wait few minutes between the

coats White lacquer paint drying time:


After 20-25 minutes paint is

resistant to touch. the full resistance of the coating is obtained after 18 –
24 hours.


After finishing the work.

clean the spray button. turning the container upside down. pressing the button
for two seconds          


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