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Leather Care Kit Strong Leather Cleaner Protector Sofas Car Seats Furniture


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Leather Expert Strong Care Kit 200ml + 250ml
Professional Strong Care Kit for leather upholstery. Kit is ready to use. Strong Care Kit is equipped in high quality products – Leather Strong Cleaner, Leather Conditioner and all necessary accessories.
Very strong, effectively removes all types of stains and dirt
Suitable for any leather colour
Eliminates unpleasant odours
Dedicated for natural leather and eco leather
Does not damage leather
Does not cause discoloration.
Kit contains:
200ml Leather Strong Cleaner
250ml Leather Conditioner
Leather brush
1. Leather Strong Cleaner – a strong water-based cleanser for smooth leather. Effectively removes all types of stains and dirt from the leather surface, eliminates unpleasant odours (e.g. cigarette smoke, human sweat), does not damage its surface and does not cause discoloration.
Leather Strong Cleaner make excellent cleaning results because of stable foam. The product is safe for the environment, is ecological and biodegradable. It was not tested on animals. Leather Strong Cleaner also has antistatic properties. This means that after using the product, dust does not settle on the skin. The product should be applied with a sponge or brush then let about 30 seconds to dissolve the dirt. To obtain the best cleaning results, we recommend using the original Leather Expert leather cleaning brush
2. Leather Expert Conditioner – is designed for cleaning any leather item: car upholstery, leather furniture, shoes and handbags. Make sure that the leather is well cleaned. You can use Leather Cleaner. Leather Conditioner apply with sponge or cloth, circular movements. Allow to soak upthe product for 5 minutes. Then polish cotton cloth. Repeat this if necessary. Maintain the leather at least 4 times a year.
Do not use on suede and nubuck.


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